I booked the all out package and it was so worth it. Tru was amazing at setting up all the details before my shoot so all I had to do was show up. Once there she made me into a beautiful mermaid with makeup and glam. I then got to be photographed by her wonderful partner in crime, Jesse. He also carried me around to each photo spot so I didn’t have to literally move like a fish out of water. In all the shoot was a ton of fun. I just today got my edited images back and Jesse did amazing. They are magically perfect! It was a blast, and I would recommend them for your mermaid fantasy. 1/24/17
— Sydney Poorbaugh
I had an amazing time during my fanta-sea photo shoot at Mala Ramp. It was so much fun getting all glammed up and shimmery and finally transforming into the mermaid I’ve always dreamed of being. Jesse and Tru were great to work with. Thank you for a fantastic morning, and thanks for carrying me around, too! 1/19/17
— Stephanie Fenton
What an amazing experience for my daughter, it was truly a dream come true! Tru was great with her, they had a blast and she also taught her about respect and appreciation for the ocean enviroment. I would recommend this activity to anyone with mermaids in their family or group! 1/13/16
— Michael Kueffer

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