Certified Hawai'i Marine Naturalist

Padi Open Water Diver


Tru mermaid

maui's shark Mermaid

Since she was but a guppy, Tru has had a deep desire to commune with and protect the sea. It is a place of personal peace, power, enlightenment, and endless beauty. She spent her early years in Southern California, and like many girls who grew up during the ‘Splash’ era, Mermaid Madison played by Daryl Hannah only solidified the depths of those dreams to become one with the sea. 

Tru created Maui Island Mermaids to bridge fantasy to reality: to life a life under the sea while inspiring people to be kinder to all life, to each other, and to themselves. Our world is lacking in magic, and Tru endeavors to bring it back. And the purest form of magic is love, shown through acts of kindness. So Tru spends her days and nights sharing that golden aloha and raising awareness for the health of our world, all while having a Fintastic time making mermaids!

Tru has experienced working with a variety of wildlife through her volunteer work at Colorado’s Ocean Journey, now Landry’s Downtown Aquarium in Denver, and through her experiences with the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund. She is a PADI Open Water Diver and certified Hawai’i Marine Naturalist. Her favorite animal is the enigmatic tiger shark.

Tru says,

“Dreams, hope, and faith ignite the instinct to help those in need. And when you help someone or something in need, that Spe-Shell feeling that you get inside, you know the one- it’s all warm and fuzzy and it makes you feel content and safe- that feeling grows bigger and bigger and makes you strong. Stronger that you ever dreamed possible. You become a force of good; a warrior for kindness. You were born with a positive purpose and all the magic you need to make a difference. Use your magic, let it grow beyond your wildest imagination. Get inspired, get involved, and be the change. Live with passion, with wonder, with harmony, with tenacity, and always with the spirit of aloha. I believe in you."


Mermaids of aloha

Our Mermaids of Aloha apprenticeship program fosters the growth of aspiring professional mermaids through giving them the education and skills necessary to navigate the industry while making a positive difference in our community and world. Our Mermaids Of Aloha demonstrate our core values of inspiring conservation and sharing aloha at all times, and are dedicated to making the world a better place one smile at a time.


Mermaid Alohi

 Alohinani, or Alohi, is Maui grown- born and raised in paradise; instinct leading her to the ocean from the moment she drew her first breath. Growing up on the island taught Alohi that the ocean and the land work hand in hand with the spirit of aloha. Both possessing much Mana, or divine power, these forces can influence the course of a single person’s path, or that of the whole community. And this is where living pono, or doing what is right, comes into play; as the land and sea can sense true aloha. Which is why Alohi always holds pure aloha in her heart wherever she goes. 

At age 5 she was placed inside a canoe and never got out; and through the years she progressed to competitive paddling. In 2016, Alohi was honored to compete in the International Va’A World sprints in Australia, representing Hawai’i. Paddling across the channels to other islands was where Alohi truly witnessed the ocean’s raw power, the constant force of change remaining her greatest sanctuary and the reason why Alohi believes she fell so deeply under her spell. 

Being a Mermaid has called Alohi to delve even deeper into these two passions, combining her practice of living aloha with her love for the ocean, allowing her to share both on a broader spectrum. 

Alohi says,

“Sprinkling enlightenment of the wondrous blue, spreading awareness starts with children letting them soak up as much knowledge as possible at this sponge stage in development. Being a mermaid to me is seeing a child's face light up fulfilling every imaginative thought about the ocean and spark that wonder. Being able to create a wave of passion through even just a simple conservation tip or neat fact because this ocean is much more than big and blue. Growing up there was always a rule of picking up more opala, or trash, than you left. This has always been my favorite rule because it is easy to remember and can make a huge difference in the ocean and on its shores. The smallest, everyday gestures can help save more than you think because every action has a reaction. It just all starts with you. This is why I moved forward in being involved with Maui Island Mermaids- to be the change on a greater scale of visibility. Lastly, I’d like to share my favorite sea creature- the Narwhal. So many beautiful animals to choose from, but this one stands out the most to me. Its majestic unicorn-like features certainly caught my eye, but it was also interesting to discover there are no Narwhals in captivity. Unlike their cetacean cousins, where there are about 3,000 held Dolphins and Whales held captive globally in places like zoos and marine parks. Narwhals are said to be highly sensitive and any that were previously held have died, much like the Great White shark."


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