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What are Maui Island mermaids?

Maui Island Mermaids are deeply connected to their ocean home. It is their sacred honor to educate all land folk in regards to the care and protection of this vital resource, and to share with them the wonders of their underwater world.

Infused with the spirit of aloha, they endeavor to share that light with every human they encounter. Maui Island Mermaids believe in treating all life with respect and kindness. After all, kindness is magic and mermaids are made of magic!


What do Maui Island Mermaids do?

Maui Island Mermaids provide an array of unique and memorable options to make your Maui mermaid dreams come alive.

We invite you to tour some of our more popular eco-activities below.

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Fantasea Photo shoot

Ever dreamt of being a mermaid for a day?

At Maui Island Mermaids, we can make that dream come Tru!

Perfect for mermaids, mermen, and entire pods who are looking to create Maui memories with a fintastic twist.

Our professional photography team provides creative direction, posing assistance, and of course- the mermaid magic!


Mermaid Performances

Need a little extra magic for a spe-shell event?

  • Silicone & Fabric tailed Mermaid(s)
  • Land and/or Water Performances
  • Individual or Group Photo Shoots
  • Professional photography (Land and Underwater)

Have something extra Spe-Shell in mind?    Let us know!  

Do you love the ocean?

We do too!  

We invite you to join our efforts to preserve her for generations to come.

Maui Island Mermaids currently offers two campaigns focusing on different aspects of ocean conservation; the Mermaids For Sustainable Beauty Project and the SHARKA [r]Evolution, as well as actively participating in efforts created by like-minded groups such as Empty the Tanks, Keiko Conservation, and One Ocean Global.

It is our calling to care for that which needs caring, to speak for those who cannot, and to do our best to ensure that our earth is ever-blooming with beauty and vitality for all. To learn more about, or to participate in our conservation efforts click here.

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Merhalo for visiting our underwater world, we can’t wait to sea you soon!

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